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New York
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Verizon’s most reliable network keeps everything connected from ground to the space. Next to the FAA (Federal Aviation Association)building in DC, we took over the L’Enfant Plaza Station with 120+ units and invited 1,000,000 commuters to a graphic trip to the airspace.

Graphic and
Exprience Designer
Camilla Kristiansen

Graham Clifford
Emely Perez
Joan Heo

The challenge 

Can’t visit the station in person
due to COVID?

Walk through it via Google Map.
Too many units thoughout the station?

Tackle every one by dividing into zones based on the condition of traffic and different types of media from static to motion graphics.


Not safe to launch a photo shoot anywhere in the country during COVID?

Repurpose stock images and adhere the brand style at the same time.



Too many units thoughout the station?

Every single one of the 120+ units will have a purpose, either to explain why Verizon is a great partner for future aviation or to reinforce branding.

Building a system

Inside the station

We’ve put a lot of thought into the placement of each unit, keeping in mind walking direction, entrances andexits, and places where you’re more likely to be waiting asopposed to walking.