Verizon's most reliable network connects everything from the ground to space. We took over the L'Enfant Plaza Station in Washington DC, next to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) building, with 120+ units. Over 1,000,000 commuters took a visual journey through the airspace.
System Developemnt
Experience Design
Graphic Design
Motion Direction
Camilla Kristiansen Design Director
Graham Clifford Design Director
Emely Perez Senior Designer
Joan Heo Junior Designer
Three months
Can’t visit the station in person
due to COVID?

Walk through it via Google Map.
Too many units thoughout the station?

Handle each one by dividing them into zones based on traffic conditions and different types of media ranging from static to motion graphics.

Not safe to launch a photo shoot anywhere in the country during COVID?

Repurpose stock images while adhering to the brand style.



Building a system

Every one of the 120+ units will serve a purpose, such as explaining why Verizon is an excellent partner for future aviation or reinforcing branding.

Inside the station

We've given careful consideration to the placement of each unit, taking into account walking direction, entrances and exits, and areas where you're more likely to be waiting than walking.