As a collaborator, she always creates from something-a problem, an insight or a hope, and coworks with existed solutions, functional tools, and beautiful minds. She couldn’t draw a harsh line between strategy and creative, because both of them are immersed in every step of her process.

Originally from Asia, Sheila studied and worked in Europe and the US. Besides a deep interest in human behavior, now she’s passionate about combining technology with art to elevate people’s experience.

She wants to connect over a coffee or a walk.
(The streets are much more interesting than the internet. )

Sheila wakes up in the morning because she has questions.

What’s the best job for getting more information? First, she tried journalism. After meeting diverse communities, talking to different walks of life and telling stories that a lot of people care about, research and analysis became crucial steps in her approach.

With knowing stories and groups, how to solve problems? Next, she jumped into advertising. She created campaigns for cultural media, designed for tech startups and helped brands with their visual presence


Freelance Senior Presentation Design at Publicis NY
Design at Wolff Olins SF
Art Direction at Young&Hungry Creative
Brand design at ofo US
Design internship at VICE Media