Visual Design + Art Direction  
New York
+1 3472260961
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Hi there︎

Originally from China, I studied and worked in
Europe and the US. Now I’m a designer based
in New York City. As one who’s familiar with
otherness, my interest is mainly in art and
culture - a universal language we speak
everyday. Besides a full-time job, I help
purpose-driven organizations with their social
content and provide career suggestions for
beginners in the industry.

With experiences from media company, tech
start-ups to branding and advertising agencies,
strategy involves in every step of my creative
process. Now I’m passionate about incorporating
technology into art to elevate people’s experience.

Let’s connect over a coffee or a walk.
(virtually at this moment;)

Currently ︎︎︎

McCann New York / Aliens in Advertising

Previously ︎︎︎

Publicis NY / ADCOLOR / Preview Events
Wolff Olins ofo USVICE Media (2016)

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