Our daily habits are filled with secret polluters. We shop as we wish, with a seemingly endless array of products on demand. All around us are small purchases with suprisingly large carbon emissions; like grapes imported from Chile.  

We hope to bring these hidden emissions to light with Groceries from the Future. This shopping game is not about making money. In contrast, we charge the customer based on the amount of CO2 their product emits into the environment. With this, we hope to raise awareness about a product's impact on future generations.

Concept Development
Experience Design
Project Management
Mohammad Afkhami  Industrial Designer
Michael Verdel  Creative Technologist
Paige Lucas-Dean Digital Designer
One month
Mapping experience with narrative

We began by conducting research on current retail trends, climate change efforts, serious games, sound design, and so on. We created
a journey map that includes all types of interaction after crafting the narrative, and
then iterated on this version.
Exploring technological possibilities

We wanted to create an interactive wall
with consistent visuals and a smooth user experience. Experiments with electronic
paints, touch sensors, a CNC machine, and projection mapping all contributed to the
final result.


Participants begin the game with 5.5 carbon credits and attempt to fill a shopping bag with six products while staying under the spending limit. Moving on to the next stage, they can learn more about the carbon content of the food they chose.

If they fail the game after receiving a receipt, they can choose to play again or finish. If a participant wins the game, they will receive
a takeaway.


Iterations and demostration

With user testing, we quickly modified the interface design and details like amount of food on the receipt. 

Because of their low carbon footprint, we chose macadamia nut seeds as a takeaway. Participants are seeding a better future by planting the shell later as fertiliser.


Experience Designer based in Amsterdam