Hi, I’m an art director.

I design experiences for ...




What I love about brands is the nuance in between intimate feelings and ripple effects they create to the society and humanity. My approach to identity design starts from strategic insights, moves to visual memories and system building.  
Sensory experience is one of biggest factors to my own behavioural change. While it happens to others, I’m fascinating about how different mediums evoke complicated emotions and the power of combinations. 
Besides nature, I’m inspired by all walks of life.
Gifted by a multi-cultural background, I believe in the strength of collaboration and diverse thinking. Join us for the next creative conversation.

Looking for new opportunities

Designing at Total Design, McCann New York, Publicis North America, Wolff Olins, ofo and VICE Media.

AMUC, ING, Lime, Midori, Verizon, Wahu, WeWork, Wikipedia, Yuma
I’m making a moodboard every week about senses.

I collaborate on projects in cultural fields like food, fashion, performance art, human rights and etc. 

Airbnb, Client Magazine, Gemeente Amsterdam, Lula Japan, Neo Amsterdammer, Preview Events
Co-Host @The Design Kids Amsterdam

Art Director @ADCOLOR (2019-2021)
Co-Founder @AliensinAd
@First Round Conference 2018, 2022
@IxDA Conference 2023
@AIGA New York (2019-2020)
@TypeThursday San Francisco 2019

I’m based in Amsterdam.
If I can help you, let me know.
If you are interested in having a chat, connect with me and let’s go.


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