YURI LIGHT ︎Municipality of Amsterdam

Working with the Municipality of Amsterdam, we designed an
interactive street lamp powered by solar and wind energy
for a neighborhood at Amsterdam Noord. It detects the distance between people and responds with brightness levels. When more people approach, a series of light animations will be activated. When no one is present, it remains dim to conserve energy.

The design took second place in the Light Challenge 2021.
Concept Development
Experience Design
Creative Direction
Project Management
Mohammad Afkhami Industrial Designer
Michael Verdel Creative Technologist
Paige Lucas-Dean Digital Designer
Tudor Cora Urban Designer
Five months
Visiting the neighborhood

Buikslotermeerplein is a neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord. We discovered from
talking with residents that people do not
feel safe socialising outside at night.
Collaborating on ideation

How can we work with nature to power LEDs with renewable energy? We presented three ideas and pursued one due to city regulations after two months of research and ideation.
Experimenting with energy source

Our initial idea was generating electricity from plants and soil. Then we found out there was not enough ampere for the current so we started to find new ways.



Inspried by nature

Keeping our goal in mind, we found that the structure of Japanese peace lily can be both beautiful and functional. After studying and dividing into sections, we created a design that satisfies our vision.

Testing with users

We had the opportunity to test with over 200 visitors at the LUNA Light Festival in Leeuwarden and receive feedback. It was a huge help with our subsequent iterations.

When there is no one around, Yuri remains dim to conserve energy; when people approach, it brightens; and when they are very close (within 50cm), it dances to connect.



Iterations and exhibition

We built a new prototype (from 1.5m to 2.5m) in two weeks, with updates to the majority of the design. As part of our innovative lighting projects, we installed the light in Almere's Floriade Expo 2022. It will remain in place for six months. We are collecting responses from an online survey.

When there is no one around, Yuri remains dim to conserve energy; when one person approaches, it displays a single light animation; when two people approach, it
adds more colour (four colours) and forms
a new animation; and when three or more people approach from different directions,
a rainbow appears in front of their eyes.

Landing page for Floriade exhibit - bit.ly/yurilight

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