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Mano App

Due to many social and political factors, many immigrant families have limited resources and access to the educational system in the United States. This can have a direct and dire impact on the lives of immigrant children. Mano is a mobile app that allows both students and parents to search for educational opportunities, apply to educational institutions, and track their educational progress over time.
Create an app that provides a positive social service for the Bay Area community
UI/UX Designer
Art Director
Jordan Seech

ADDY Awards - Silver
in Mobile & Digital Product
Design Process

/ Logo

Inspired by the wings of a bird, which represent hope and freedom, and by the word “manos” in Spanish, which means hands, the logo conveys a message of efficiency, caring, and growth.

Mobile app
/ System

The Mano app is not only a tool that improves the school application process, but it’s also a platform that allows both students and parents to collaborate cohesively throughout the process.

According to research, Android phones are more popular within Latin and African American communities. In an effort to reach those communities who would benefit most, the app will first launch in the Google Play store.

Mobile app
/ Design
Sign up
/ Both parents and students can track their application process
/ Easily find information about your dream schools
/ Find the right forms and fill them out using your mobile devices
/ Sign documents electronically in a flash
/ View your personalized schedule
/ Never miss a single important deadline
/ Customized widgets on Android will send task reminders
/ Parents will receive notifications to sign documents when students have completed the forms