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P+S Project

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.”
—Tyler Durden, “Fight Club”

Yes, but good advertising also has us thinking. From journalism to advertising, I witness the power of storytelling and how people’s perception shifted after seeing successful campaigns. Instead of telling stories, I prefer solving problems. Problems are temporary. Each situation has potentials to be better. This is why I started P(roblem)+S(olution), an ongoing project that challenges myself on pursuing better ways to live and communicate.

Our world

Find a better solution
Creative Strategist
Art Director

Winter 2017 to Present
Tissue Pack

People throw away napkins on the ground because there are not enough trash bins around.


Collaborate with Kleenex to create a new Go Pack with double-sided packaging that has an extra pocket for trash to prevent unnecessary littering and protect nature.

Stop Before it BeGun

America has a gun violence epidemic that is unique in the world. Instead of buying weapons for self-protection, many people end up using guns to commit suicide.


There’s no ultimate solution to gun violence, but sharing safety information with the public is a good place to start. Here we used Google Search to enlighten people before they purchase a weapon about the potential dangers of owning a firearm.

Case Video

Durex UnI

Although safe sex is a shared-responsibility, people believe that it’s the man’s responsibility to buy and carry condoms. It’s not easy to make young people carrying condoms the norm.


The first step of forming a habit is changing perception-introducing Durex UnI, a new collection that splits our classic pack in half, to encourage all genders to take the responsibility and keep each other safe.