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As one of the most prestigious museums in the world, Louvre Museum intends to continue attracting young(half of their visitors are under 30 years old) and international visitors(75%). “Make it your Louvre” allows visitors to customize their experience during the entire journey - from preparing the trip to leaving the museum.

Before launching the campaign, here’s also a proposal for rebranding, which transforms its appearance by embracing a more modern and sophiscated aestherics. 

Brand Strategist
Visual Designer
ADDY Awards -
Gold Integrated
Branding Campaign

Part I:

Current Branding Style
/ Logo

Inspired from the iconic Louvre pyramid, the new logo embraces Louvre's academic tradition with modern aesthetics.

/ Palette
/ Branding

Brand Book

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Part II:
Make It Your Louvre Campaign

/ App UI Design

By downloading the app, users can plan their next trip to the Louvre by choosing their interests.

/ Pop-up Event

Users can create an original postcard which is auto-generated using their portrait and artistic interests. It also includes a promotion from the museum.


/ Interactive Planner

While waiting for transportation, anyone can plan their next trip to the Louvre by playing with interactive maps installed at bus and train stops in major cities around the world.

Touch and drag art you’re interested in onto the pyramid and you will receive a text or a QR code with the details for your next visit to the Louvre!