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Here are selected assets from selected projects.
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Unlock Life
After changing their brand name from “Lime Bike” to “Lime”, Lime is looking for a brand revamp that excites grassroots people to explore their communities and cities freely.

Working with the strategy and design teams, we helped Lime define their promises, identified topics they would like to be involved and content they are going to bring to their users.
Graphic Design

Transform with human touch
With a mission of creating digital transformations that genuinely resonate with people, Yuma is a business group with four companies in the Benelux. 

The identity is inspired by the fluidity of transformations and the warmth of human touch.
Brand Design
Art Direction

Turn waste into cash
“Clean Ocean Collective” decided to change their name because the business is no longer centered on cleaning ocean, but improving the waste management system in Southeast Asia. So they changed to WAHU from waste hubs.

We helped them with creating a new logo and palette to kick start a new identity system.
Brand Design
Experience Design