Airspace Ready

Verizon  ︎ Campaign   2020

Verizon's most reliable network connects everything from the ground to space. We took over the L'Enfant Plaza Station in Washington DC, next to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) building, with 120+ units. Over 1,000,000 commuters took a visual journey through the airspace.
My Role
Experience Design
Graphic Design
Motion Direction

Design Team
Camilla Kristiansen
Graham Clifford
Emely Perez
Joan Heo




Due to COVID, we couldn’t visit the station in person. So we decided to navigate through on Google Map’s street view and see the relationships between each units. By dividing the station into zones, it’s easier to craft a brand story for every commuter. 

Since it was unsafe to launch a photo shoot anywhere in the country during COVID, we repurposed stock images while adhering to the brand style for Verizon Business.



Every one of the 120+ units will serve a purpose, such as explaining why Verizon is an excellent partner for future aviation or reinforcing branding.



We've given careful consideration to the placement of each unit ranging from static to motion graphics, taking into account walking direction, entrances and exits, and areas where commuters're more likely to be waiting than walking.

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Unlock Life

Lime  ︎ Rebranding  2019

After changing their brand name from “Lime Bike” to “Lime”, Lime is looking for a brand revamp that excites grassroots people to explore their communities and cities freely.

Working with the strategy and design teams at Wolff Olins, we helped Lime define their promises, identified topics they would like to be involved and content they are going to bring to their users.

My Role
Graphic Design

Design Team
Forest Young
Taylor Simpson

Anonymous Content

Past Brand Style

New Logo

Keep the legacy of Lime’s logo mark (both a wheel and a fruit) and transform the logo type with the essence of mobility

Digital Touchpoints

As we are talking to ordinary people and intenting to give out as much creative freedom as possible, the design strategy is implementing open sources rather than customizing every element in the brand identity.

Typeface - Poppins and Plex

Branded Content

Collaborating with production company Anonymous, Lime launched its new brand with fresh photography and film depicting everyday city life.


Lime Green

Inspired from their previous branding and bike lanes around cities, Lime is owning the bright green for communicating their contribution to sustainable micro-mobility.

Image source: NACTO,

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Wikipedia  ︎ Experiential campaign  2021

Wikipedia and the knowledge it provides help us in our daily lives. We were commissioned by the Wikimedia Foundation to create a physical experience with digital components that materialises some aspects of Wikipedia, its community, and its socio-technical context.
My Role
Experience Design
Creative Direction
Project Management

Benjamin Priego Walter Milena Schwill
Flavio Valcarce Chavez 


With library research, interviews with several members of the Wikimedia-Community, and a workshop session with creatives from all over the world, our design framework emphasises a user-centered, holistic approach.

We held a workshop for beginners to learn how to edit Wikipedia pages. In an hour, each of the ten participants edited an article in a different language.


We compiled research and activity findings. Here are insights for Wikipedia and this project, organised by importance level.


We filtered our ideas through the lens of interactivity, feasibility, and expandability after rounds of ideation and discussion with clients.

Finally, we decided to create a game in which participants contribute photos while exploring their cities. An integrated campaign drives the entire experience.

The Game

The game will begin with instructions and campaign information. Participants will be asked to consent to the use of their location. They will collect the puzzle via AR and upload the photo to Wikipedia after following the map that allows them to see the bridges that lack pictures.

Find the bridge  Collect the AR puzzle  View the collection


By seeing posters around town and posts on social media, people are aware of this activation. They can easily enter the game by scanning the QR code.

After the first day, multiple interactive screens will display the progress to show the effort from the city.

Global Movement

Following Amsterdam, people from all over the world could play the game and document the beauty of their cities. Wikipedia is gradually evolving into an online community with contributors from all over the world.

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5G Nationwide

Verizon  ︎ Campaign  2020-2021

Available in 1,800+ cities, Verizon’s maximizing their customers’ 5G experiences around the nation. This campaign was launched at the same time when Verizon announced their partnership with Apple (iPhone 12) in 2020, which shows its full portfolio of current spectrum resources to serve a broader range of customers.
My Role
Graphic Design
Art Direction

Camilla Kristiansen
Emely Perez
Joan Heo


John Clang

Art Direction

The arrival of Verizon’s 5G is like the light at dawn. While shooting around the country, we are trying to capture the morning light in different US cities when people’re starting their days.

The top one is an example of one of our photo shooting - From google map to the final image.

Left to right, Top to bottom:  New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Media and Content Direction

We strategically distribute messages to make sure audience get as more information as possible but also engage with the visual experience.


A continued campaign launched after the Nationwide. We developed the key visuals and collaborated with CHRLX on animations.

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